Will Your Pug Get Enough Exercise in Kennels?

Even though it may be a legal necessity for kennels to exercise dogs, the quantity of activity that your dog will receive may vary based on the kennel that you choose to board him or her at. If you have a pug that is extremely active and requires frequent exercise, it is possible that you may need to speak to many different boarding kennels before you discover one that offers the services that you want.

Legal Requirements for Exercise in Kennels

When dogs stay overnight in boarding kennels in a state for a predetermined period of days or weeks, the state imposes regulations on the amount of daily activity they are required to get. For instance, the suggestion for dogs in Victoria is that they be exercised for a total of twenty minutes per day, split into two sessions of ten minutes each. Providing that kennels in this state adhere to the legislation to the letter, the only dogs for whom they are obligated to fulfill this criterion are those canines that are boarded overnight for more than two weeks in accommodations of a standard size or for more than four weeks in larger pens.

How to Maintain a Healthy and Happy Balance for Your Active Dog

It’s possible that the amount of exercise some dogs receive in kennels is too much for others, but there are always exceptions. If you have an energetic dog that already receives enough exercise at home, you should probably seek boarding kennels that go the additional mile to match the activity requirements of your pet. For instance, when you are exploring the facilities, you should inquire about the following:

How much time does your dog spend in the exercise yards that you provide? Find out how frequently your dog will be permitted to go outdoors and for how long it will be able to run about and play. Be aware that kennels may limit access to the yard when they have a large number of dogs boarding there. Instead, they may only let small groups of dogs out to play for shorter amounts of time.

Is there a place where people may work out inside on days when the weather is bad? When it is unsafe for dogs to be outdoors due to the weather, kennels should include indoor exercise areas that are covered so the dogs may play and run about.

How are the times of exercise coordinated? When dogs exercise together in groups, kennels have a responsibility to keep an eye on them. However, some kennels have employees that play with the dogs, which encourages the dogs to move around more and results in them getting more exercise.

Does the kennel provide dog walking? There are some kennels that will take the dogs on longer walks, either by themselves or in small groups. It is possible that the cost of this service will be included in your boarding total.

A helpful hint is that most boarding kennels will exercise the dogs in groups. Before boarding, you are required to inform the kennel staff about your dog’s anti-social tendencies as well as any peculiar behaviors it exhibits against other breeds of canines. They will then be able to ensure that it socializes with dogs of the appropriate breeds or that it gets enough exercise on its own.

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