80 Useful Resources & Links for Pug Owners

Once your interest in Pugs or dogs, in general, has been piqued, it’s always a good idea to visit further websites. That’s the wonderful thing about the Internet: you can go out and get additional knowledge if you know where to seek it! One word of caution: don’t trust the word of anybody who sets up a website, even mine. People’s references should be double and triple-checked. Look for another source that validates the information. If you just hear it once and it doesn’t sound correct, it probably isn’t. There is no one online who does ‘quality control’ checks to ensure that what is published is correct. So do your research!

This page will take you to sites of links that I’ve loved and learned from, as well as links that will inform you about dogs in general. Please understand that I cannot and will not mention every Pug or dog website on the internet. If you feel your site is worthy of inclusion here, please contact me and I will have a look. There are no promises that I will post any link on this site, and I reserve the right to refuse any link at any time.

This page contains links to websites that fulfill one of the following criteria: they include information that I find useful, they are enjoyable websites, or they are distinctive in a way that is difficult to describe. These websites are not all dedicated to pugs, so keep in mind that you and ANY breed of dog are capable of enjoying yourselves and learning new things!

  1. ::: Atlasdogs :::
    ::: Atlasdogs :::
  2. A Z Dog Breed Info
    A Z Dog Breed Info: Dogs Central offers Dog Breed Information to assist you in choosing the right breed of dog for your family. Our A Z dog breed information guide includes AKC dog breeds and rare dog breeds and includes a dog breed profile, dog breed photos, puppies for sale, featured dog breeders, clubs, rescue, books, informational links and more.
  3. Awesome Pet ID Tags – Pet Tags, Pet ID Tags
    Pet Tags, Pet ID Tags, ID Tags, petidtags for Lovely Dogs, Cats. Use OnLine Order Form to buy pet id tags, pets tags, pet tag, dog id tags for dog, cat.
  4. Bark Bytes Canine Cyber-Magazine
    index of Bark Bytes Magazine
  5. Bronze Dog Sculptures and Dog Art
    Bronze Dog Sculptures and Dog Art from Montana Sculptor Sharon Ziegenhagen.
  6. Canine Today
    Canine Today
  7. Choosing dog breed, dog breeders, finding puppy for sale
    Choosing dog breeds, finding dog breeders with an adult dog for sale and puppy for sale, plus breed information and stunning show dog pictures.
  8. Dog Breeders, puppies for sale, dog pictures, dog directory
    Dog Breeders Directory, puppies for sale, dog breeders worldwide,kennels,clubs,rescue,AKC,CKC,FCI,UK
  9. hounddawg.com
  10. Looking For Dog Owner’s guide?
    Looking For Dog Owner’s guide?
  11. NIPRA | Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption
    Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption, Inc is dedicated to providing care and shelter to young and old pug dogs in order to ensure humane treatment and care for unwanted, lost, or abandoned pugs.
  12. Welcome to AnimalForum.com
    Welcome to AnimalForum.com, your source for expert advice on pet care. Be a part of the family.
  13. Welcome to NetVet Veterinary Resources and the Electronic Zoo
    Large Collection of Veterinary Medical and Animal-related Internet Resources
  14. Basics and Beyond Correspondence Grooming School and Career Training
    LEARN as you LEARN at home with Basics & Beyond, How to groom dogs, Pet Grooming Schools correspondence courses of dog and cat, pet grooming
  15. Dogs in Canada
    Dogs in Canada
  16. pugcanada.com
  17. PugPups.com :: Pugs, pugs and more pugs!
    A free online community for pug dog owners.
  18. 2000Dogs.Com
    Puppies for sale. Ads for purebred dogs and puppies for sale by private dog breeders in your area
  19. ADOGNET Index, World’s largest all-breed directory and store: descriptions, breeders, books, chat and much more!
    A Dog Owners Network, the world’s largest pure breed online directory and Store, brings you dog breed descriptions, breeders, books, chat, products, training, nutrition, behavior
  20. Dog Breeders, Puppy Breeders, puppies & other pets for sale
    Puppies for sale, Dog Breeders, Puppy Dog Breeders, Dogs AKC, CKC, UKC, FCI, American Kennel Club, Canine Breeders, Dog Breed Descriptions, Dog Breeder directory, purebred stud services, classifieds ads, professional pet-care advice, pet resources
  21. Dogs, Dog Breeders, For Sale
    Dogs, Dog Breeders, For Sale – ads for dogs and puppies for sale from dog breeders worldwide.
  22. Frank the Pug
    Frank the Pug
  23. Gertie the Pug Dog’s Photo Gallery and Live Web-Cam
    Gertie.cc is the website of Gertie the Pug Dog, from Alexandria, Virginia. She offers you a glimpse into her life with the 24-hour Live Pug Cam, as well as photo galleries of her and her friends.
  24. Green Mountain Pug Rescue
    Green Mtn Pug Rescue is a none-profit pug rescue. GMPR, saving one pug at a time.
  25. Indypugs.com
    Indypugs.com is a site designed to unite Indianapolis area pug owners…
  26. International Pug Meetup Day
    International Pug Meetup Day
  27. Northern California Pug Club
    NCPC Northern California Pug Club Site
  28. OzPugs.com — for the Pugs of Australia
    The place to go for Australian Pug info! Includes the OzPugs Forum, a friendly place for Australian Pug owners to talk Pugs; information on how to find a pug in Australia and the very own OzPugs Ring!
  29. Pug Club of South Australia Inc.
    Pug Club of South Australia Inc.
  30. Pug Dog Club of America
    Pug Dog Club Of America
  31. Pug Dog Club of Greater New York
    Pug Dog Club of Greater New York
  32. Pug Pedigrees Research Database
    Pug Pedigree Research Database.
  33. Pug, pug dog, pug puppy, chinese pug, pug breeders, pug for sale, pug puppy for sale
    pug, pug dog, pug puppy, Chinese pug, pug breeders, pug for sale, pug puppy for sale, baby pug, pug breeder, pug dog breeders, Chinese pug dog, pug dog for sale, dog breed pug, pug puppys, pug kennel
  34. Pug Dogs Rule
  35. Pugman Pug Dogs
    Pugman Pug Dogs
  36. Tampa Bay Pug Dog Club
    Tampa Bay Pug Club is a member club of PDCA whose members are pugdog enthusiasts dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the pug breed.
  37. The Pug Dog Club of BC
    The Pug Dog Club of BC
  38. The Pug dog home page at PugsCom
    The Pug Dog home page at Pugs.Com — including Pug health, Pug medicine, Pug breeders, Pug puppies, Pug training, Pug breed books, Pug pedigrees, and the Official Pug FAQ file.
  39. Welcome to Pug Talk Magazine
    Welcome to Pug Talk Magazine
  40. Welcome to The Pug Dog Club – The Official Website in London, UK
    The Pug Dog Club in the United Kingdom. This is the Official site for The Pug Dog Club. Information on Pugs, a discussion forum on Pugs, show results, membership of The Pug Dog Club
  41. Pug Dogs Central – All About Pugs
    Pug dog resources, pug links, pug merchandise and pug homepages
  42. Pug Notes by Melissa Langer
    Pug Notes by Melissa Langer
  43. PuppySites.Com – The Dog Lover’s Online Directory
    PuppySites.Com is the Dog Lovers Directory! If you are looking for a dog-related site, you have come to the right place!
  44. Quality Area Rugs at Discount Prices – Tampa Textiles
    Tampa Textiles sells Quality Decorative and Novelty Area Rugs with Quality Service at Discount Prices. Shipping is FREE. We will not be undersold! Please come visit our online showroom.
  45. Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Pet Memorials Candle Holders
    Pet Loss Memorial Votive Candle Holders – designs include; Pet Illumination, Rainbow Bridge and Pet Memorial. Personalization is available.
  46. Welcome to Teezz for t-shirts, sweatshirts and much more …
    Suppliers of high-quality, printed t-shirts and more featuring cats, dogs, tigers, other animals, flowers and plants, humor and lots of other stuff!
  47. www.pugfanclub.com
  48. www.pugpress.com
  49. www.pugworld.org
  50. Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. – Birmingham, AL
    We are a non-profit organization that rescues and adopts pugs. We are always in need of new people interested in becoming a volunteer. We do have a form that needs to be filled out before any foster care or adoptions can take place.
  51. Arizona Pug Adoption And Rescue Network
    Arizona Pug Adoption And Rescue Network
  52. Colorado Pug Rescue
    Pug Rescue for Colorado & So. Wyoming
  53. Compassionate Pug Rescue
    Compassionate Pug Rescue
  54. DFW Pug Rescue Club – Home
    DFW Pug Rescue, Inc. DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc. rescues all pugs in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area regardless of age or physical condition.
  55. ELAREF PUGS, and British Show results
    A site all about Elaref Pugs, their pedigrees, show results of British Championship shows. Photo gallery. All about Elaref Pugs, Pug Dogs – including British Pug Championship show results, Pug breeders, Pug Links, Pug photos, pug pedigrees
  56. Seattle Pug Dog
    Seattle Pug Dog Rescue and Adoption
  57. KC’s Pug Rescue
    We are a Rescue in the Las Vegas area dedicated to finding Loving Homes for Pugs-In-Need.
  58. Kentuckiana Pug Rescue Organization
    Non-profit organization committed to helping all pugs in need in the states of Indiana and Kentucky.
  60. Pug Rescue Of North Carolina, Inc.
    Pug Rescue and adoption, with fun events, and our online store. We are 501 c 3 nonprofit org and your donations are tax deductible
  61. Pug Rescue of Sacramento
    Pug Rescue of Sacramento
  62. PugRescue.com
  63. Pugs ‘N Pals of Southern California
    Fireworks Splice HTML
  64. PugSavers – Pug Rescue
    Pug Rescue for Sacramento and Northern California
  65. Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
    An all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping any and all pugs and/or pug mixes regardless of age or health.
  66. The Ohio Pug Rescue, Inc.
    The Ohio Pug Rescue, Inc.
  67. The Pug Welfare and Rescue Association
    The Pug Welfare and Rescue Association
  68. Little Angels Pug Rescue
    Welcome to Little Angels Pug Rescue
  69. Michigan Pug Rescue!
    Welcome to Michigan Pug Rescue!::Pug Love!::
  70. Planet Pugs Rescue
    Welcome to Planet Pugs Rescue Home Page
  71. Three Dog Bakery – A bakery for dogs! Dog treats, healthy dog cakes, gift baskets and much more – a dog’s dream shop.
  72. Puttin’ On The Dog – Puttin’ On The Dog is a catalog of collectibles and gifts for the canine inclined. We offer art, figurines, home accessories, jewelry, apparel – and even a few items for your dogs!
  73. The Original Sherpa Pet Carrier – A stylish, functional, lightweight carrier for airline travel with your small pet. The website of the original creator.
  74. CompuPed – My very favorite pedigree program. ‘Nuff said.
  75. Pug Central – Pug Central is like a clearing house of Pug information – you can find breed, health, club, rescue and breeder information on the Pug Central site.
  76. Pug Press – Pug Press has lots of Pug stuff from a newsletter to an owner’s manual (yep, that’s what it says!) to stuff Pugs (not real ones) to well… lots of *stuff*. You should check it out and see for yourself.
  77. Pug Fan Club – The Pug Fan Club has a lot of fun stuff, including gifts and Pug calendars and a photo contest and Pug cartoons and lots and lots more to see and read and just enjoy.
  78. Virtual Pets! – Do you really really really want a pet but Mom & Dad don’t think you’re ready yet?? Find out here if you are!
  79. Purina Dog Food – Purina doesn’t just have information about foods, they also include training information, choosing the right breed, puppy information, health information and more. Oh, they have a section on cats, too!
  80. Animal Planet – Purina doesn’t just have information about foods, they also include training information, choosing the right breed, puppy information, health information and more. Oh, they have a section on cats, too!

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