4 Types of Resources to Find Pug Dog Breed Information

There are a few more locations where you can get more and detailed information on pugs in general, as well as material that is highly unique to pugs. They are included here according to three categories: materials that can be obtained via bookshops, informational websites that are accessible online, and publications that are typically only accessible through paid subscriptions.
Web-Based Sources of Information

Websites seem to come and go rather often. Begin your search for further information by going to PugsCom, the home site of the Official Pug Breed FAQ, where you will find it. In addition, PugsCom has an online discussion forum for its users.
The American Kennel Club (AKC) maintains a website on which the Pug breed standard, which is a written description of the ideal Pug, as well as some information on the breed’s history and background, may be found. The home sites of the Pug Dog Club of America and the Pug Dog Club Home Page for the United Kingdom are two more excellent resources that may be accessed online.

On the Web Resources

There have been numerous books written on Pugs throughout the years, but there are only a handful that are presently in print. These books range in size from compact booklets to large novels with hard covers, and they cover a variety of topics. The information that may be discovered here will be all over the place. Some new publications have recently been published that provide readers with useful information exclusively concerning pugs. The Pugs.Com Bookshelf is where you may place your orders for any and all of the items listed below.

The more recent books available include ones written for children (“Pugs” by Jody Rake), books that focus on the breed in general (“The Pug” by Susan Ewing), and a charming little book titled “The Poetry of Pugs and French Bulldogs” written by Tammy Denton and Jeremy Thurston. All of these books can be found on Amazon.com.

In Bookstores Resources

Kim Campbell Thornton is the author of “The Everything Pug Book,” which is another general purpose care for your dog book. Liz Palika is the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pugs,” which also covers the selection, care, nutrition, and training of the Pug. Both of these books can be found on Amazon.com.

Both “The Tao of Pug” and “Homer for the Holidays” are collections of hilarious and heartwarming short tales written by Nancy Levine and Wilson the Pug.

Brenda Belmonte, a member of the PDCA, is the author of “The Pug Handbook,” which is not one of those publications that follows a “formula.” An outstanding site from which to get information on Pugs.

Another book that was published not too long ago is called “For the Love of a Pug.” It is a rhyming ode to pugs and manages to capture their energy as well as the many colorful qualities of this breed that is really one of a kind.

There are many different kinds of Pug Breed Books. Meet the Pug, For Years of Happiness was a book written by the well-known and late famous breeder Louise Gore. Unfortunately, the book is no longer in print. This book is notoriously difficult to track down since it was written with historians and pug lovers in mind.
The Pug: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy and Healthy Pet is the title of a second book that was published not too long ago and was authored by breeder and judge Edward Patterson. Any person who has a pug should consult this little book since it contains useful information on the most fundamental level. Mr. Patterson has worked with the breed for a significant amount of time and has strong writing abilities to complement his knowledge.

Other pug owning books are:
THE NEW PUG by breeder-judge Shirley Thomas.
PUGS, by Phil Maggitti, Pug owner.
THE BOOK OF THE PUG, by Joan Brearley, Pug owner.
YOUR PUG, by Esther Wolf, a Pug breeder, exhibitor and former AKC judge.

Another so-called “new” Pug book was actually published in 1996 and is a reprint of two older works that were merged together to form a single volume. The Pug Dog, Its History and Origin (1930) and The Pug Handbook (1959), both published by Wilhelmina Swainston-Goodger, have been combined into a single volume titled “The Goodger Guide to the Pug.” This volume is a compilation of the two earlier publications. This book is important for anyone interested in the history of pugs; however, the techniques described in the book for caring for and raising pugs are somewhat out of date.

OTHER PUG BOOKS – some rarely available
KNOW YOUR PUG, Pet Library, Ltd. books on dogs.
THE COMPLETE PUG, by James Trullinger, a Pug breeder, exhibitor, and former AKC judge.

The Pug Dog Club of America is the only organization that offers the following products and services:

The Pug Dog Club of America (PDCA) Handbook from 1995, which includes images of several of today’s most popular pups as well as basic information about pugs, pug rescue organizations, and pug health.

A copy of “The Celebration of the Pug, 1885-1985” is offered to the general audience. For information about placing an order, please get in touch with the club.

Magazine Resources

Pug Talk Magazine is an independent breed magazine printed six times a year:
Pug Talk Magazine
5031 Plover Road
Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54494
715-424-pugs (713-424-7847)
E-mail [email protected]

The Pug Press Newsletter is a quarterly publication that features recommendations, articles written by veterinarians, images, and entertaining pug anecdotes. In addition to that, they have caresheets and fiction pertaining to pugs. Writing in to Pug Press Newsletter will provide you with further information.

Members of the Pug Dog Club of America are the only people who have access to the PDCA Bulletin, which is issued three times a year by the Pug Dog Club of America.

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