3 Top Reputable Pug Breeders & Famous Owners in History

Dick Paisley

Dick Paisley was a guy who was always one step ahead of everyone else in Pugs. In the latter half of the 1950s and the early 1960s, he brought a large number of English Pugs into the United States. These dogs would go on to have a significant influence on the breed. On that list are the titles of Champion Satan of Rydens, Champion Phidgity Phircone in both the English and the American studbooks, Champion Tick Tock of LeTasyll, Champion Martlesham Galahad of Bournle, and Champion Neubraa of Papageno. Each of these dogs had some kind of impact on the development of the Pug breed.

Phidgity Phircone, who was more often known as “Chunky,” was the Pug that brought the longer-shaped head that is still seen in many Pugs today to the United States. Chunky, who was born on April 4, 1963 and was bred by Lee Walker, was successful in the show ring and went on to have remarkable progeny. He was the only person to win the English and American Championships at the same time, and in 1968, he was named the best sire of the year. He gave birth to 13 champion offspring, and a significant amount of his DNA may be found in present Pugs. You may find him hiding behind a good number of Wisselwood Pugs, in addition to a few of the kennels on the West Coast, including Odalisque, Auburndale, and Freckleton.

Tick Tock of LeTasyll, often known as “Fred,” was the first dominant black pug who replicated his exquisite traits in his progeny in a consistent manner. He was given the name “Fred.” Fred, who was born in 1967 and was bred by D. J. Nash, had thick bones and a robust Pug type, both of which were passed down to his offspring and can even be seen in his grandpups. Fred was a significant factor in developing the black Pug into a high-class dog that is on par with the fawn Pugs in terms of overall quality. Additionally, he has a sizable family tree that is descended from the Wisselwood family.

In 1967, Mrs. Elizabeth Elbourn was responsible for both the breeding and the birthing of Martlesham Galahad of Bournle, commonly known as “Laddie.” Laddie had just one litter, but it produced a number of champions for the Ivanwold line, including Ch. Ivanwold Johnny Appleseed, Ch. Ivanwold Orange William, Ch. Ivanwold Alice in Wonderland, and Ch. Ivanwold High Tor. These champions had a significant impact on the breed. This one litter would produce many Group and Specialty winners before going on to impact the Ivanwold line. Laddie was a winner of both the Toy Group and the all-breed Best in Show competitions.

Other dogs bred by Dick or owned by him include the imports, Satan of Rydens and Hazelbridge Trump High of leTasyll, Satan’s daughter, the magnificent black Satina, Walhaven Audacity, and plenty of other canines.

Herman and Louise Gore – Gores Pugs

Louise and Herman, her first husband, were the breeders of many renowned dogs and are the people who are responsible for the kennels that are there today. Louise was actively involved in the exhibiting of her own dogs for more than thirty years and completed more than forty Champions herself. Herman passed away in 1967, and it wasn’t until 1969 that the breeding program that he had begun began to bear fruit, with three Gore dogs placing in the Top Ten for the year.

The history of Gore’s pugs can be traced all the way back to the beginning of his and Gore’s marriage. Louise had been to see the show Life With Father on Broadway, and while she was there, she saw a Pug statue that piqued her attention, but she didn’t pursue her curiosity any further. It wasn’t until one evening when Herman was bowling that he actually saw a Pug, and as soon as he did, he became completely and utterly committed to the breed. Ch. Sally of Blossom Lane, their first AKC Pug Champion, was crowned not long after they got their first Pug.

In the years that followed, Mr. and Mrs. Gore established a breeding program that quickly became recognized as one of the most reliable and well-established in the nation. The Gore family spent three decades and five years raising and displaying their dogs, and in that time they concluded with over four titles that were all owner-handled. They were continuously regarded for producing good breed representatives, which contributed to their great reputation. In the early 1960s, it was difficult, if not impossible, to find a top dog who did not have at least a trace of Gore blood somewhere in the lines of their family tree.

Herman’s deep fascination with genetics and family trees was the driving force behind the development of the breeding program. The Gore family never bred their dogs to a dog that they had not already seen, and as a result, they often traveled across the nation in the time between dog exhibitions in order to personally inspect promising prospects. Herman recorded all of his thoughts and observations on plain yellow legal pads, paying particular attention to the qualities that made each individual noteworthy.

After Herman passed away, Louise continued the program and pursued her goal of educating others in spite of the void left by Herman’s absence. After Herman passed away in 1975, eight years and two generations of Pugs later, Louise accomplished one of Herman’s unrealized goals, which was to fulfill one of Herman’s ambitions. Ch. Gores Up N’Adam (pictured with Louise, bottom) was awarded the title of Best in Show in an event held in Columbus, Ohio, which had a total entry of 2,000 dogs. She was a member of the Pug Dog Club of America, the Pug Dog Club of Greater Cincinnati, the Great Lakes Pug Dog Club, and her local all-breed club, the Louisville Kennel Club. During her time as a member of these organizations, Louise served on committees, and show committees, and judged matches and sweepstakes. Other Pug-related activities that Louise participated in include the following:

There are a few dogs in the Gore line who have the Robertson prefix rather than the Gore prefix since Louise remarried Stoney Robertson for a short period of time at one point. After that, she began working with a young and enthusiastic guy who supported her in her breeding effort. Louise granted permission for the dogs that this man produced from the Gore lines to use the prefix “Nunnally” as a part of their kennel names. Therefore, if you look into the pedigree of a dog and find that it goes back to “Robertson’s Bourbon Prince” or “Nunnally’s Witch Hazel,” you should know that the dog in question is a genuine Gore Pug.

In her later years, Louise reduced the number of dogs she bred and showed until she was only joined by a select few canine companions. It is really unfortunate that Louise passed away in February of 1990, only a few short months after her book, which fulfilled her desire of sharing her expertise with all of the people who were new to pugs, was released.

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