14 Specific Pug Questions We Hear Over And Over

QUESTION: What distinguishes a Pug from a Chinese Pug, and vice versa?

Answer: Nothing at all, that’s the answer. The terms “Pug Dogs,” “Pugs,” and “Chinese Pugs” are all interchangeable when referring to this breed of dog. The name “Pug” is the name given to the breed by the American Kennel Club, the English Kennel Club, and the FCI, which is an international registration.

QUESTION: Do Pugs really snore so often and loudly?

ANSWER: In a phrase, the answer is yes. The snoring of a Pug is so common that it is sometimes mistaken for the sound of a human snoring, despite the fact that it is often not as loud. Pugs not only snore, snarfle, and snore, but they also pass a lot of gas on a regular basis. You should prepare yourself for them to be boisterous dogs, but not barkers.

QUESTION: Since pugs have such short hair, it’s safe to assume that they don’t shed all that much, right?

ANSWER: Pugs lose a significant amount of hair! Huge amounts of it! Your Pug will attract a bunch of scruffy tumbleweeds to live with him! The top coat of a pug’s coat is comprised of long, straight hairs, while the undercoat is comprised of shorter, fluffier hairs that are also straight. Pugs have both a top coat and an undercoat. The hair of a pug typically grows to a length of approximately 3/4 of an inch, although it may sometimes grow longer. Do not believe anybody who tells you that Pugs do not shed; they are more concerned in selling you a Pug than telling you the truth in order to encourage you to buy one. They don’t need a lot of grooming, but if you don’t do it at all, you may expect to find a lot of their hair all around your house.

QUESTION: I have decided that I do not want a dog in the home. Why are pugs not allowed to live an indoor lifestyle?

ANSWER : Pugs are unable to withstand high temperatures and humidity for extremely long periods of time. Dogs are able to regulate their body temperature through panting, and their large tongues and nostrils provide them with additional surface area for cooling. Because pugs have very minimal surface area that may be used for cooling their bodies, they can actually overheat and pass away in less than half an hour when they are exposed to high temperatures and/or high levels of humidity outside. There are pugs that have spent their whole life outside, however this is an unusual circumstance given the breed’s physical make-up.


ANSWER: Because someone, a very long time ago, determined that Pug faces should be as flat as possible. The wrinkles are there because the Chinese emperors desired fortunate emblems to be placed on the dogs’ foreheads, and the easiest way to do this was for the dogs to have wrinkles.

QUESTION: Given the amount of wrinkles on Pug faces, what kind of further care is required?

ANSWER: The care that should be given to a Pug’s wrinkles differs depending on the dog since some dogs have a tendency to retain moisture in their wrinkles while others do not. In most cases, preventing wrinkles may be accomplished with as little effort as cleaning them out once a week with a tissue (a cotton swab should be avoided since it can be used to push the skin too forcefully). Even though they don’t have noses, pugs are among of the nosiest dogs around, and they have a tendency to collect a lot of dirty material in the creases of their faces. This is the proper word for this phenomenon. If the wrinkles also serve as a reservoir for moisture, the accumulation of grime and moisture in the wrinkles will hasten the process by which they get infected. This is the equivalent of having an athlete’s foot on the face of a pug. It is necessary to keep an eye out for it and treat it.

QUESTION: If this is the case, then how much attention do kids need each day?

ANSWER: In all honesty, not all that much. You should brush their coat once per week, keep their faces clean, and examine their eyes once per week for any signs of issues. Must Pugs need around 20 minutes per dog, once each week. In addition, you should cut their toenails once per month and maybe give them a bath if they are filthy. There are a number of individuals who have found that if they use a shedding comb once a month, it significantly cuts down on the quantity of hair that ends up on their clothing and carpets.

QUESTION: If you only want a Pug as a pet, would you be better off with a male or female?

ANSWER: In general, guys tend to be more chill, loving, and people-oriented than girls do. This trait distinguishes them from females. Female dogs, on the other hand, make better guard dogs (they keep an eye out for unexpected things happening at “their” home) and are often more reticent and self-sufficient than their male counterparts. If you’re looking for a dog that’s more of a couch potato than anything else, a male is often going to be the better choice, but elderly dogs of any gender tend to grow very relaxed back. Young pups are seldom calm and frequently have more activity than their families anticipate while they are still young. If you want a dog that is somewhat self-sufficient and not as demanding as a male, then a female is definitely the best choice for you. These statements are, of course, generalizations. Although there are some guys who are autonomous and some females who are more people orientated, the generalizations are accurate for the vast majority of the population.

QUESTION: The average lifespan of a Pug is about how long?

ANSWER: The average lifespan of a healthy Pug is between 12 and 14 years, however they have been known to live for far longer than that. When you understand that you may keep a Pug for as long as your children are in school, you realize that taking on the responsibility of ownership of a Pug is a long-term commitment.

QUESTION: Do Pugs make excellent watch dogs or guard dogs?

ANSWER: Not in most cases. Some Pugs may give you a heads up if someone is around by giving a soft bark (in general, Pugs don’t bark loudly since the lips muffle the sound), but the majority of Pugs are more interested in meeting new people and becoming friends with them than they are in scaring them away. People are frequently scared away by the appearance of a Pug, and this is particularly true if you also have a Bullmastiff in the yard. If that’s the case, you may simply state that the Pug is a young dog that will eventually mature into a Bullmastiff (sorry, that was just Pug humor).

QUESTION: I often see images of pugs dressed up in different costumes. Is this something that pugs really like doing?

ANSWER: In point of fact, most of the time they do. Pugs are incredibly outgoing dogs who would do just about everything to get their owners to laugh, even embarrassing themselves. If they find out that donning a costume brings a smile to your face, then they will do it. If it causes them to laugh and applaud, as well as draw even more attention to themselves, then it is even better.

QUESTION: Because of their short coats, are Pugs a suitable choice for persons who suffer from allergies, and in particular for those who are allergic to Pugs themselves?

ANSWER: Not really, to be honest. You should test out a connection with a Pug or Pug breeder first, just as you would with any other breed of dog. Because some individuals are allergic to particular dog breeds but not others, anybody who is allergic to dogs should consult with their doctor beforehand. On the other hand, it is common knowledge that those who are allergic to dogs should avoid pugs.

QUESTION: Pugs are so cute, everyone wants one, and mine cost so much, I can really make some money if I breed my girl Pug, can’t I?

ANSWER: The expenditures associated with rearing Pugs may be very considerable. To begin, let’s talk about the breeding: Before being used for breeding, pugs should be at least two years old and must pass tests to ensure they do not suffer from eye issues, hip problems, or brucellosis. Before you start this, make sure that your girl is up to date on all of her vaccinations and that she has been wormed. The next step is to make the payment for the stud fee, which is often equal to or more than the cost of a puppy. If you want your female to be bred to a nice stud dog, you need factor in a few hundred dollars extra to cover the cost of shipping her to and from him. After that, there is the period of time spent waiting and praying that she has conceived. Consider the possibility that she will need to have a cesarean section if this is the case. Because of the small hips that are common in female Pugs and the large heads that are characteristic of the breed, Pug pups are unable to pass through the birth canal. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have a litter consisting of four or five healthy pups on average. However, if the puppies were delivered through cesarean section, the mother may not be able or willing to milk them. Therefore, you will want a supply of bottles and puppy milk replacer, as well as a method for keeping the puppies warm, and you will need to feed them continuously for at least the first few days. Will you need to take a week off from work in the beginning to focus on raising the puppies? Include that price in your calculations. If you are a respectable breeder, you will guarantee the health of your pups and accept them back if there is anything wrong with them, right? There is a lot more to it than just coupling up two canines. When the number of hours invested and the total costs are factored in, breeders very infrequently report making a profit from their endeavor.

QUESTION: Will everyone tell me that my Pug is “so ugly it’s cute?”

ANSWER: Yes, and probably quite a few times. There are some individuals who are just unable to acknowledge the attractive qualities of a pug. Even now, there are others who do not value the work that Picasso created.

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