Pug Training- How to Stop a Dog Guarding Food & Toys?

Every dog requires some training. This is true for the very oldest as well as the very youngest, as well as for every breed imaginable, from the very little to the extremely large. The Pug is not an exception to the norm; in fact, they seem to have a propensity to demonstrate some guarding behaviour toward food and toys, so further training on your part may be required if you want to have one. This will occur most often towards other animals, but may also occur sometimes with human children. If you handle this issue immediately and make them know that their conduct is unacceptable, you won’t have any problems with it.

In all honesty, the reason I did not get a pug was due to the fact that I had witnessed the behaviour quite a few times prior to actually owning one and had begun to associate it with the breed, when in reality, it is typically due to the fact that they are not well socialised during feeding times when they are puppies. When dealing with any form of behaviour in a dog, you should start the process as soon as possible. A lot of pet owners or people who breed dogs as a hobby believe it’s adorable when the pups fight over the food dish, but they don’t realise that it’s no longer charming when it occurs to dogs that are a year old or older. In point of fact, one pug owner drew my attention to the fiercely growling puppy and said with a grin, “Isn’t that hilarious? He believes he’s a lion, and all the other pups are frightened to eat until he’s done.” It goes without saying that is not where we obtained our new pet.

Your dog may be taught that it is a lovely thing when your hand comes near their mouth or their food dish, and that it may be the harbinger of an extremely delicious reward if you do this. This is a terrific approach to prevent this type of behaviour from occurring. Because we have always fed our dogs by hand, from the time they were puppies, they are well aware of their place in the hierarchy. Even though this may seem cruel, group mentality is imprinted in canines from birth.

Keep an eye on the alpha animal in any group of animals. They don’t try to be diplomatic with their pack; instead, they just butt heads with each other to make their position clear. Even though you won’t be using your teeth to make your point, you still need to make it clear to the new dog that they are submissive to ALL of the members of the family, not just you. This is something that you need to make sure they understand.

Allow everyone from the smallest to the oldest to feed them by hand, providing them goodies, while you supervise the activity. Take turns removing the dog’s bowl and adding a delicious treat, such as a piece of meat or some cheese, to it. This will teach the dog that the removal of their dish will result in the return of the bowl along with an extra food reward.

To get your dog used to having hands near his face while he eats and to associate your hand with something nice, call your dog over to you and give him the food by hand. This will keep your dog used to having hands near his face as he eats. Keep a tight eye on the dog and make sure that it accepts the treat in a polite manner, without using its teeth and instead using a soft mouth, in order to avoid causing anybody in your family or circle of friends any harm.

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