Pug Dental Care: Issues With Retained Baby Teeth

Puppies are born with 28 primary teeth, which include the canines (sometimes known as “vampire teeth”), the incisors (those teeth that are located between the canines), and the premolars. When puppies are three or four weeks old, their first teeth emerge, and by the time they are six weeks old, all of their primary teeth have emerged.

When puppies are between 16 and 22 weeks old (four to five months), the process of developing their adult teeth begins. The whole set of permanent teeth usually emerges over a period of around two months. As is the case with human teeth, the baby teeth are pushed out of the mouth to make way for the adult teeth. This process is often accompanied with discomfort in the mouth, which compels the puppy to chew in an effort to alleviate the discomfort. They may sometimes lose interest in their food when there is a sore tooth (typically one that is ready to fall out), but this should not continue for an extended period of time that causes them to lose weight. In most cases, the incisors are the first teeth to be replaced, followed by the canines, and finally the premolars. Molars often appear between the ages of six and seven months.

The issue of retained baby teeth is one that occurs rather often in Pug mouths. Canine teeth are the four large, pointed teeth that are seen when the mouth of your tiny one is opened. If there is another pointed tooth piled just behind or alongside it, then that tooth is a baby tooth that never dropped out. Baby teeth are often much smaller and sharper than adult teeth. There are a number of toy breeds that are predisposed to this condition, but the Pug is particularly susceptible because of its squished-in mouth and jaw. Some genetic lines are more predisposed than others to carry the predisposition to keep their baby teeth into adulthood.

There is no pressing need to seek immediate medical attention from an emergency veterinarian; nonetheless, issues might arise from retained teeth. That little mouth just does not have the capacity to accommodate anything else. It is quite possible that the remaining teeth will come in crooked — much more so than is typical — maybe even pointing toward or rubbing against the tongue or the roof of the mouth as they emerge. Try to have a comfortable eating experience with a mouth like that. Additionally, when two teeth are pushed closely together, this creates a great hiding spot for germs, which may lead to issues with the mouth and the gums.

If a child has a baby tooth that hasn’t fallen out by the time they turn one, there’s no chance it will ever come out. Your veterinarian needs to extract a retained baby tooth if it looks to be creating crowding issues or driving other teeth to deviate in a manner that is harmful. This may happen in a number of different scenarios. That means it’s possible your dog may need to be put under general anesthesia, which has inherent risks for pugs. The dental treatment of dogs is the focus of a growing number of veterinary practices, and I highly recommend that you consult with one of these professionals.

Asking the breeder about their experience with retained teeth in their pups is a smart thing to do before purchasing a new puppy. If the breeder has a history of retained teeth in their puppies, this might be a red flag.

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