Pug 101: Simple Owner’s Guide to Overall Pet Care

Pugs are the epitome of the term “companion dog.” They have never served any purpose other than to love and be loved by others. Because of this, Pugs have a strong affinity for human companionship. They need the company of humans not simply to flourish but also to maintain their own existence. It is not healthy for a Pug to be left home alone for extended periods of time. They thrive when they have a friend to hang out with, even if that friend is another Pug.

The origins of the Pug breed

The history of the Pug may be traced back to pre-Christian times in China when the breed first appeared.

They were treasured property of the Emperors of China, and as a result, they were given the most opulent of environments to live in. On occasion, even soldiers were sent to watch after them. According to the available documentation, the Chinese bred three distinct varieties of short-nosed dogs. They were known as the Lo-sze, Pekingese, and Lion dogs respectively. The ancient Pug was known as the Lo-sze, which also went by the name “Foo Dog.”

The Dutch merchants carried pugs from the east to Holland and England, where they were popular at the time. The English are responsible for the more sophisticated version of the Pug that we are familiar with today. This jolly little dog was a favorite of many of Europe’s Monarchs, and it continues to be a favorite of royalty and other individuals of refined taste all around the globe.


They like going on walks as well as playing outside. They are unaware that they are little dogs, thus precautions must be made to ensure that they are not put in any dangerous situations. Pugs are absolutely naive, and some would even call them stupid when it comes to automobiles. Even Pugs that have been struck by a vehicle (and survived), for some reason, do not seem to understand that automobiles might be dangerous. It is NEVER acceptable to let pugs run free near moving vehicles.


Pugs may be trained well if their owners have enough patience and understanding. Never raise your voice or shout at your Pug. Never, ever strike your Pug. Ever. They respond most favorably to encouragement and praise. Praise your Pug EVERY time they relieve themselves outdoors since this is the most effective method for housetraining them. You may also try training them to use a litter box, which is also highly helpful. They have such an eagerness to perform what is asked of them, but they do need encouragement in a good direction.


There are many different shades of fawn, as well as black, in pugs. There is not much of a difference in temperament between the colors, however, some people believe that black Pugs have a tendency to be more energetic. There is also not much of a difference between guys and girls in terms of their personalities. While some prefer a more busy lifestyle, other people are more relaxed back. They are all people-oriented and will follow you and your family about the house as you go about your business.


Because of their short coats, pugs do not need extensive grooming on a regular basis. They do shed, however brushing them helps keep the hairs off of your clothes and off of the rest of the house. It is necessary to use a MalAcetic Wipe to clean the deep crease that may be located right above the bridge of the nose; this is the nose wrinkle (found at your vet’s office). Ears need to be examined and cleaned at regular intervals.

Nail Trimming

The task of trimming the nails of a Pug is universally despised by both the dog and its human caretakers. Pugs have an irrational aversion to having their nails trimmed for whatever reason. Teach your Pug from an early age that this is a normal procedure and that it is not anything to be afraid of. Do not shout at the dog since this will simply make them feel more frightened. When compared to cutting the nails, some individuals find that using a dremmel tool to reduce the length of the nails is “less intimidating.” It also lessens the likelihood of severing the quick of the nail, which would result in nail bleeding. It is recommended to have two individuals; one person should hold the dog, while the other person should cut (or grind) the dog’s nails. If your pug is anxious about having his nails trimmed, you may want to try clipping one paw at a time rather than doing it all at once.


Pugs are quite fond of food. Please keep an eye on the weight of your Pug. If a Pug is overweight, it will have difficulty breathing and moving about. The risk of developing major health issues is significantly increased when a person is obese. Provide your Pug with a high-quality commercial food diet. Garlic, onions, raisins, avocados, and grapes are among foods that should be avoided since they may be poisonous to dogs. Raw veggies make fantastic snacks because they are low in fat and crisp.


Pugs, like other dogs, appreciate exercise. They really like going on strolls. On hot days, extreme caution is required to avoid overheating them. The wonderful thing about pugs is that they may be taken for walks when the weather is favorable, but they do not develop hyperactivity if they are confined to the house during inclement weather. On days like these, a brisk stroll around the neighborhood would do the trick.

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