Getting a Pug: 10 Things to Know in Advance for Beginners

The Pug is an AKC and FCI certified dog breed that belongs to the Toy Dogs category. The American Kennel Club initially recognized the breed in 1885. The pug was originally from China. Its origins may be traced back to pre-Christian times!

Because of their participation in television advertisements and movies, a growing number of people knew and admired the pug’s clownish and lovable personality. Pugs are rated #15 in the AKC Top 50 Dog Breeds of 2000. (ranking based on the number of dogs that were registered by the AKC in 2000)

Pugs are very adorable and, as a result, are often purchased on impulse. Although most pugs not only seem but are also attractive — it is still vital to understand the peculiarities of pugs, their demands, and the breed’s shortcomings! If you currently own a pug or have chosen to purchase one, this website may assist you in learning about pug care, health concerns, breeding, and how to discover reliable breeders.

Before you go out and buy a Pug, make sure you have the answers to these ten questions.

  • Do you consider yourself the sort of person who can put up with a dog that won’t stay off the furniture? Pugs adhere to the principle that all furnishings should be shared.
    Will you be able to stand sharing your home with a dog that constantly loses its fur? The early spring and late autumn see the most significant amounts of shedding.
  • Do you mind if a dog persistently invades your personal space? Pugs, in particular, have a tendency to want to sit on your lap whenever they can.
    Pugs have a policy known as “I go where you go,” which means that they will follow you from room to room to room to room to room to room to room to room to room to room. When a Pug is in the home, there is no such thing as privacy! To put it plainly, pugs have no respect for personal space. To “go” by yourself in the bathroom, you’ll need a door that’s both sturdy and reliable.
    Snoring! Pugs are known to snore not just while they are sleeping but also when they are awake.
  • Pugs are not designed for endurance or stamina, therefore it is important to keep them active. If you have an active lifestyle, a Pug is probably not the best choice for you as a pet. Pugs are not the best option for a jogging buddy, and they also are not designed to run alongside a bicycle. Pugs are not meant for either activity.
  • When you go too close to a pug’s face, they will blow violently through their nostrils in order to clear their nasal passages. This behavior is common when you are petting or petting them. Would it bother you if “Pug Snot” was blown in your face many times each day?
  • Pugs were bred specifically to be kept as companion animals. Pugs have an insatiable need for human companionship and do not perform well when left alone for extended periods of time. If your lifestyle requires you to leave your Pug alone for more than six hours, do you have any plans to make preparations to help your Pug break the monotony of a long, lonely day? Pugs who are left alone for long periods of time might develop disruptive behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, or even soiling the home. While they are at work, many owners of working Pugs choose to board their pets with a dog sitter, a friend, or a member of the extended family rather than bring their dogs along with them.
  • Pugs are prone to developing weight issues and need a premium diet in addition to nutritious snacks.
  • The nails of pugs grow quite quickly and need to be clipped on a regular basis. The facial creases of pugs are a common location for the accumulation of gunk and stray hair. The skin that is found in the creases of a Pug’s face may easily get infected, painful, and itchy if it is not maintained clean. Pugs have flat faces, which makes their eyes more susceptible to harm. They also lack a muzzle, which makes it difficult for them to protect themselves from the claws of an upset or furious cat.

If you think you are ready, make sure to get a Pug from a reputable breeder or rescue.

Pugs are wonderful, loving, and magnificent tiny dogs who have the heart of a lion despite their little size. If you want to have the greatest possible pug, then you should look for one that has a wonderful disposition, is in the best possible health, and has the best possible potential of developing into content and healthy adult.

It goes without saying that this also indicates that you should avoid making your purchase from a pet shop. Unfortunately, pet retailers have a well-deserved reputation for acquiring animals from puppy mills. This helps them keep their prices cheap, but it almost always results in the dog you get having some issues that aren’t their fault. Pugs that are raised in puppy mills are not properly socialized, do not necessarily have a wonderful disposition, and may have some health difficulties as a result of their origins as well as the inadequate care or treatment they get.

It is essential to make sure that the pug you choose has a healthy background and has been provided with all of the benefits that you would want your own dog to enjoy from the start. Find a breeder with a good reputation, or, if you want to be really honest, a backyard breeder that breeds animals as a hobby.

These little guys are going to be much better socialized, have been played with by the children, and are family members, which means that they have been out and about, are accustomed to being handled and played with, and will be much more easily assimilated into your own household because they have seen other dogs and other cats and know the score.

They will be less scared, less guarded with their food, and more tolerant of changes, all of which will contribute to increased flexibility.

You should make it a point to visit the parents who are living on the premises and observe how they interact with both you and your children in order to get an idea of the temperament. Talk to the people who own the pugs or the breeders to find out where they acquired their pugs and what problems, if any, they’ve had with them.

A responsible pug owner is going to want to make sure that you provide a wonderful home for their puppy, therefore it is quite probable that they will have some questions to ask you as well. If they don’t, take that as a warning sign since most owners want to make sure that their puppy is going to a good home. If they don’t, take that as a warning sign.

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