Celebrities & Famous Owners That Love Pugs Through History

One of the smallest breeds of dogs with a heavy chest and frontal weight distribution is the pug. They have very strong jaws and chests, as well as powerful jaws, and they tend to have a highly muscular build. This isn’t for no good purpose, after all. In extremely ancient Chinese literature from about 500 BC, there are extensive documents relating to pugs.

History Of Pugs In China

According to the reports, these little creatures were regarded as very valuable Imperial property, and the penalty for stealing them or causing them any damage was death for the person guilty. They were held in such high regard by the Imperial Emperor Ling To that he even bestowed upon them the same status as he did upon his wives. (I can only imagine how infuriated the ladies were)

Along with accompanying him in the chariot and eating the best grains and meats, he made sure that his dogs were as comfortable as possible by providing them with pillows.

During that period, they were known by the name Lo chiang-sze, which was subsequently shortened to lo-sze.

The Yuan Dynasty was known for its practice of putting animals on display in public parades. The pugs were the next group to be paraded following the lions.

It is claimed that the Pug originated in China, and it is also believed that they were bred from the Mastiff, down to the point where the Emperors would have had a lap mastiff. However, these are only theories. It has been cherished and pampered by a great many renowned individuals throughout the years, and the celebrities of today are no different in this regard. Are you curious about those who have loved and still adore Pugs?

According to Chinese history, several Emperors refused to be without a pug. Some of these Emperors even promoted their pugs and gave them prominence within the dynasties. For example, one Emperor granted his pugs equal status with his wife and in fact nourished them as well as he did his ladies.

History Of Pugs In Europe

It took a little bit more time to go to the different regions of Europe and America. It would seem that the merchants working for the East India Company thought them fascinating and interesting, which is why they brought them back for the European leaders. Pugs were highly regarded and sought after, and it wasn’t long before they were the most popular choice of pet among both women and children.

Because of their placid demeanor and friendly nature toward children, these canines earned the nickname “nursery dogs” in their native Netherlands. Throughout the course of history, prominent members of the royal houses of Europe bred and maintained pugs.

Pugs were a favorite of William the Silent, who reigned as King of Holland in the latter half of the 1500s. William brought his pugs with him wherever he went. In the midst of a conflict with Spain, he was roused from a deep slumber one night by his pug, who did so at the precise moment that would have been necessary to thwart an attempt on his life. His pugs attended the ceremony with him, and each of them was decked up in ribbons for the occasion.

In the 1700s, the Grand Master of the Freemasons’ Order of the Pug was responsible for overseeing the usage of a secret sign inside the organization. This symbol was a pug.

The narrative of Napoleon and Josephine is also told to us through history at some point. There was a story going around that Josephine’s pug wasn’t allowed on the bed, but Josephine was adamant about letting it in there anyhow. In the event that the pug did not come to bed, she did not either. It should come as no surprise that Napoleon eventually gave in and allowed Josephine and her animal companion to sleep in his bed together.

History Of Pugs In England

Nothing about this had changed in England.

Some people believe that when William of Orange came to Britain to take the kingdom, he took pugs with him from Holland. Others believe that these pugs were used to produce King Charles Spaniel.

Pugs have always been a favorite of royalty; in fact, Queen Charlotte maintained them, and Prince Albert presented Queen Victoria with a pug that he called Bully. During their time in France, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who are famous for living in exile, possessed more than 10 properties.

History Of Pugs In The United States

It took a little bit more time to get to the United States. Pugs did not become famous in this region until the early part of the 1800s, and their notoriety skyrocketed during the time of the American Civil War. They rose to immense popularity in this region and are now owned, cared for, and pampered by a significant number of wealthy and renowned people. I’m curious about who else likes pugs.

Noted celebrities who keep pugs now are:

  • Balthazar Getty- Ajax and Daisy.
  • Billy Joel- Sabrina
  • Brigid Berlin- India and Africa.
  • Chris Kirkpatrick (‘N Sync) — Busta (fawn) and Korea
  • Christine Elise (actress) — Dempsey
  • Denise Richards (actress)black pug named Betty
  • Ted Danson (actor)
  • Mary Steenburgen (actress)
  • Gerard Butler (actor) – Lolita
  • Jessica Alba- Sid  and Nancy
  • Tori Spelling
  • Paula Abdul- Puggy Sue
  • Rob Zombie-Dracula
  • Mickey Rourke- Raphael

As can be seen, pugs have had a unique position in history for what seems like thousands upon thousands of years. What changes have taken place in your life as a result of getting a pug?

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