About Us

Even more than two decades ago, I had a deep respect for these seemingly little and insignificant animals, despite the fact that they exuded an enormous amount of personality and had large hearts. I had conversations with breeders and paid them and their pups a visit. Naturally, I did the same thing when I went to the dog shows and stood behind the ringside area.

All this time, I’ve been telling my loved ones and close acquaintances that “someday” I’ll have pugs, either because I’ll be too old or too lazy to keep up with setters.

The day has finally arrived, and all I can think about is how much time I wasted not spending with this breed in the past.

Hello, my name is Emma, and my pug is one of the most important influences in my life.

I have a demanding job that requires me to leave him for up to 12 hours at a time. Even though I paid someone to walk him every day, he always looked unhappy when I got home from work. He started to lose interest in many things and no longer enjoyed our nightly walks. I spoke with our veterinarian, and we discovered he was despondent.

I wanted a more natural option than medication, so I put him in pet daycare. He is considerably happy now that he gets to spend the day interacting with other dogs and people. This site is all about caring for our pugs. I hope these postings are beneficial to you and your lovely dog.

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